Are you ready to incorporate more dynamic movement into your life with the goal of increasing mobility, reducing risk of injury or reversing the effects of inactivity  or aging?

As a certified yoga instructor and endurance running coach, I can help you incorporate yoga and movement in a way that’s accessible for any age, body type or activity level. I tailor programs based on your needs and goals – not pushing specific poses or exercises “just because” they are common and present in most general yoga classes or workshops.

By providing individualized attention, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without the added pressure to look a certain way or do standardized versions of movements that are often offered in group classes. My approach is focused entirely on the physical aspects of yoga and connecting breath with movement.

If you choose to work with me, you will receive regular 1:1 yoga sessions tailored to YOUR body and YOUR needs. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do certain postures or how you look when you practice, if you can breathe, you can do yoga. By committing to a regular, consistent practice, you will feel better physically and mentally, while allowing yourself to stay active and mobile in the long-run.

– Autumn A.